CO2-neutral website development



My name is Alexander-M. Goia and I’m a CO2-neutral website developer. This means that all my websites are developed and hosted climate-neutral.

This works as follows: 

  1. I myself use a green energy provider at home and in my home office
  2. The servers that I use for the production and hosting of my clients’ websites are also powered by renewable energy
  3. The rest is compensated with selected programs

Learn more about that in the following video, a 5-minute-talk I gave in November 2019 for “Lightning Talks Munich”:

As a trained media designer with several years of experience as a leading developer and managing director of a small agency in Munich, I have already gained sufficient experience with the CMS WordPress and TYPO3 and really like the frontend development with HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery or Bootstrap.

My offer includes:

  1. Conception (market analysis, target group definition, etc.)
  2. Design (UX/UI Design)
  3. Technical implementation/programming (HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Bootstrap, Git, WordPress & TYPO3)
  4. Hosting/support on servers personally administered by me
  5. Social Media
  6. Content Management
  7. SEO

I’m especially happy when I can implement projects for smaller companies and start-ups in the fields of ecology/sustainability, environment/climate or renewable energies. I also enjoy working with institutions from the social business sector, with NGOs and associations (e.V.).

I can help you to reduce your CO2 footprint in a targeted manner and together we can make a small contribution to making and preserving our world a little bit better.

I am looking forward to your project request and you’re invited to contact me on LinkedIn:

Alexander-M. Goia