CO2-neutral website development


Dear visitor, thanks for visiting my website.

I’m sure you are here because you heard of me developing CO2-neutral websites, right? That’s correct!

So how is this working, you might wonder?

Well, the basic concept is easy!

  1. The servers I use and where I host my websites are running on renewable energy. That’s one big piece of the cake already.
  2. My production environment, to be more precise my home office, is also running on renewable energy.
  3. Anything else is being compensated with selected programs.

Of course there’s much more I would love to tell you. But let me say, that I’ve just started my business by the beginning of this year (January 2020) and this website is still in the making.

For the time being I have to console you with a 5-minute-talk I gave in November 2019 for “Lightning Talks Munich”:

Of course I’m very happy if you want to contact on LinkedIn: I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Alexander-M. Goia